Dear our members,

This is Suh Hyuk who is leading the conference for 2 years since 2017.

As you all know, our conference has become one of the best national conferences since our establishment on March, 1991. The academic journal is proud of its first place (on average of recent 4 years) in the art and humanity field, paper citation indexC at National Research Foundation of Korea. In this 15th generation, we are determined to success the following goals.

First, gentrification. The conference will continue its quality improvement. Our academic journal proposed official SCOPUS to be recognized internationally on last August. Certainly, we are confident that we will be selected for outstanding registered journals and outgoing the national record. We consider to have the heart of the conference in the academic journals.

Second, popularization. We will have more academic journals for every member. The members will be authorized to increase contribution and publication of papers. Currently, each book of (A Series of Korean Education Research) and (A Series of Korean Education Translators) is published. We will endeavor to publish more of continuous series.

Third, youthfulness. Our conference is composed of younger scholars. We will have more youths to speak at numerous national or international conventions and publish their papers. Of course we are looking forward to having successful outcomes for 'youthful Korean language education.'

We wish all members of your academic achievement and health.


Dr. Hyuk Suh
president, The Association of Korean Language Education Research